Forrådt – nok en gang?

Vanessa Baird har en artikkel som gir et godt innblikk i situasjonen for kurderne i juni-nummeret av det engelskspråklige tidsskriftet New Internationalist.

Hun skriver blant annet: «Here, in numbers, are the consequences of six months of Turkish occupation in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES, aka Rojava): 200,000 civilians permanently or temporarily displaced; 288 killed by Turkish shelling and drone strikes; 600 settlements occupied; 127 homes destroyed; 460,000 people denied access to clean drinking water; 1.8 million in need of humanitarian aid; 86,000 children denied access to education.»

Når det gjelder manglende støtte fra FN til Nord og Øst Syria i forbindelse med koronapandemien står det:
 «Only 2 of 11 hospitals are fully operational. There are only 40 ventilators to serve a population of up to 5 million, and given an acute lack of beds and medical practitioners, the region has the capacity to treat fewer than 500 cases. Given these conditions, one would expect international institutions to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the region.
Alas, no.»

I Sørøst-Tyrkia der demokratisk valgte folkevalgte blir avsatt og fengsla én etter én, beskrives en ny organisasjon som skal spre frykt og terror. Hun siterer en venn:
«There is a so-called NGO, People Special Forces (HÖH), that arms people to “protect” the state from its enemies. They are a paramilitary force, equipped and trained to attack opposition groups and movements.»
«The policy is to build fear and anxiety,» she said. «The paramilitary forces encourage attacks on women activists and their organizations, including shelters. They want to make women desperate, render them helpless, dependent on the state and males.»

Les hele artikkelen her.