Solidaritetshilsen til Folkenes demokratiske parti fra norske stortingsrepresentanter

To the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the party’s deposed and arrested mayors and parliamentarians.

We, the undersigned members of the Norwegian Parliament, are deeply concerned about the violations of fundamental democratic rights that are taking place in Turkey.

These abuses, against anyone who raises their voice in protest against the regime’s policies, in violation of international conventions that Turkey has signed, have led to protests also in countries such as Norway.

However, the persecution of representatives and activists from the HDP, which is among the hardest hit, is less well known. Turkey has partially succeeded in hiding this, despite the fact that it has also nurtured jihadists in the wars that Turkey has helped to advance in neighbouring Syria and Iraq, where, also, Kurds have been the main target of attack.

We call upon the Norwegian government, the leadership of all parties and popular organisations to protest against Turkey, and to warn of political and economic sanctions against the persecution of elected members of local and national parliaments and other representatives. We will also inform the people of Norway about the acts of the Turkish government, and gather the widest possible support in solidarity for those of you who are at the forefront of defending our common democratic values.

Oslo, March 2021

Greetings of solidarity

Aasmund Aukrust, Labour Party

Petter Eide,  Socialist Left Party

Bjoernar Moxnes, Red Party

Freddy Oevstegard, Socialist Left Party

Seher Aydar, deputy MP of Red Party

Jan Boyer Vindheim, member of County Parliament Troendelag, from The Green Party.