Solidaritetshilsen til Folkenes demokratiske parti (HDP) fra SolKurd

Newroz 2021

Solidarity message to Halklarin Demokratik Partisi (HDP)

The Solidarity with Kurdistan Committee in Norway conveys our warmest greetings to your party and all your activists, in occasion of the coming Newroz celebration!

We are sorry for not being able to celebrate with you in Amed this year. However, we will celebrate in Norway with Kurdish friends from all parts of Kurdistan, demanding justice and democratic and humanitarian rights for the Kurds.

This Newroz celebration will also go hand in hand with protesting the latest facistoid attacks, from the Erdogan regime and their supporters, against HDP and the remaining democratic structures in Turkey.

We know that you, the Kurdish people and the democratic opposition in Turkey, will overcome this assault. Like you have done many times before. This is also a challenge to the people and government in Norway and other European countries.

The verbal protests are getting stronger and need to be followed by actions. By putting pressure on the Erdogan regime, we must try to stop his wild journey towards a totalitarian Turkish state. The process of banning the HDP must be stopped, and sanctions upon Turkey must be implemented.

We also enclose a message of solidarity to all your dismissed and incarcerated Mayors, MPs and other representatives of the HDP. It is signed by members of the Norwegian Parliament, which our committee have collected. We hope this can be forwarded to them as a Newroz greeting.

In Solidarity

Newroz Piroz be

Oslo, March 20th 2021

Solidarity with Kurdistan Committee Norway

Stina Bergsten and Truls Strand Offerdal