Solidarity greetings to the HDP 13th of March

The Norwegian Solidarity for Kurdistan Committee wishes to express our solidarity and support for the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) in their struggle against the Erdogan government’s attempts to close down HDP before the elections in Turkey this coming May.

In it’s party program and politics, HDP advocates a democratic and pluralistic Turkey in which people live in freedom and justice, a society where equality prevails. The emancipation of women, the freedom of different ethnic and religious groups and ecology are crucial issues that the HDP stand for.

We demand the termination of the ongoing politically motivated trial against the party, which is a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Against this, we stand by the side of the HDP and call out for a democratic Turkey where all political parties are allowed to emancipate themselves.

We are glad that the Constitutional Court of Turkey reversed an unlawful decision from January 2023 to freeze the main bank account of the HDP. We also urge that the Court reject the process announced for April the 11th with the aim of banning the HDP, preventing them taking part in the coming elections. HDP is today the third biggest party in the Turkish Parliament, representing both Kurds, Turks and different minorities working for a democratic and pluralistic Turkey.

We will continue spread information about this crucial democratic struggle going on in Turkey, to the peoples here in Norway, as well to democratic organizations and political institutions.

Oslo, March 13th 2023

Solidarity greetings on the behalf of the Solidarity with Kurdistan Committee in Norway,

Stina Bergsten and Truls Strand Offerdal, co-leaders.