Silvan under portforbud

Vi har fått dette brevet fra den kurdiske kvinneorganisasjonen KJA om situasjonen i Silvan som følge av portforbudet.



In a period that the women revolution in Rojava has become a hope for all the women in the world and the Middle East, the results of general elections held in 7th of June, 2015 in Turkey has revealed a democratic and free life ground for the peoples and women. However, the AKP government that desired to be the only ruling power in Turkey has started to implement the arrest and destruction policies by creating chaos among the society and targeting every single person who is in favour of a free and democratic life.

AKP government has aimed to carry out a massacre with its tanks, artilleries and military forces against the legitimate and democratic right of people to govern themselves in their locals. Hundreds of civilians were murdered while the thousands were detained and arrested in many cities and districts notably Silvan, Cizre, Sur and Hakkari where the “self-organization” was declared. Even the Ministry of Interior has given a statement aiming massacre by pointing the three neighbourhoods of Silvan by saying “we will erase them from the map”.

It is 11 (eleven) days that there is a curfew in Silvan and it has been extended 6 times one after another. With this curfew all the inhumanitarian and unlawful practices have been put into operation. In 11 days, 7 civilians were murdered while people were forced to migration via embargo and siege. The curfew is for all day and night and there is no electricity, water or materials for fundamental humanitarian needs, like food. The three districts in Silvan are under heavy and non-stop artillery bombardment for days. Yet, people keep on their resistance against all these inhumanitarian practices. The women who are the leading this resistance have become the primary target of AKP forces.

The police forces of AKP government, which is deepening its hate speeches against women and indicating that it will carry out its anti-democratic implementations and the state of war under all circumstances, have eventually targeted and attacked the women; Figen Yüksekdağ, the Co-President of HDP; Selma Irmak, the Co-President of DTK and the MP of HDP; Besime Konca, Çağlar Demirel and Hüda Kaya, the MPs of HDP, with the intention to kill. Again, Ayla Akat Ata, the Co-Spokeswomen of KJA and dozens of women including elected women are under bombardment in the besieged districts right now. Although it is told to the authorities that these districts are full of civilian population and there are legally elected people in there, the bombardment still keeps on. On the other hand, while the women are faced to face with the massacre, the mainstream media discredits the women resistance with sexist discourses.

As KJA, we condemn these fascist and sexist attacks against the women will and society. Women will claim their will, strengthening their organisation and fail these implementations which cause the slaughter of women and society.

In this sense, we call all women and international public to take action against these unlawful and inhumanitarian attacks, escalating the resistance and act in solidarity with women under siege.


13 November 2015, Diyarbakır